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Virginia Longman Interiors is an interior design company offering a complete design service with the aid of unique experience gained from working in different parts of the globe.


Small and large projects, residential or commercial are all  subject to the same detailed care.  For more details see our Design Services page


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Interior Design Fees

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Interior Design Fees


Many fears and misunderstandings are generated by the different way interior designers charge for what appears to be a similar service. An important part of Virginia's policy is to offer a no-obligation first meeting that is completely free of charge.


For maximum flexibility we incorporate two break points in our fee structure. This allows you to determine precisely the level of involvement Virginia has in your project.

The following fee structure is for residential clients. Commercial contracts, overseas commissions and large public buildings are subject to detailed quotation.


Interior Design Stage

Initial Meeting - Free of charge in Greater London and The Home Counties.

Design Fee: Varies according to room size and scope of works, and is detailed in a letter following the initial briefing meeting. The design fee covers the sourcing of fabrics, wall coverings, flooring, acquisition of samples and initial design drawings.


Break point - You may choose to implement the designs yourself at this stage. The design materials and drawings supplied will facilitate this.


Building and Decorating Specifications - Once the design is approved the client has the option to commission full building and decorating specifications for each room. These are highly desirable documents used to detail the works required to the contractor for quotation purposes and to guide the activities of the contractor during the project itself. A quote is provided based on the scope of works.


Break point - From this point you are fully equipped to find, appoint and manage your own contractor.


Co-ordination of Contractors: Virginia Longman Interiors can offer Project Co-ordination on projects valued under £500,000. On projects valued at £500,000 or more Virginia Longman Interiors can offer a Turnkey service including Project Management and full contracting services in Greater London and the Home Counties. These services are subject to detailed contract.


Supply Only Stage

Supply of Materials (Residential) - Fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, accessories, floor coverings etc. are supplied at competitive prices. A detailed quotation is supplied for the client’s approval prior to the placement of any purchase orders. Delivery charges incurred are charged on to the client at cost.

Supply of Materials (Commercial) - We charge a negotiated handling commission based on a percentage of the total cost price of the supply contract. We reserve the right to decide the commercial status of any potential project and proof of status will be required.


Other Design Fees


Fee-only Package

As an alternative to the above, Virginia Longman Interiors can offer a fee-only package on design and supply, with all items sourced by Virginia Longman Interiors supplied at cost.  Fees for this will be outlined on request in a detailed quotation.


Property Sale Advice


Virginia Longman Interiors offers a service for those wishing to sell properties.  The fee varies according to room/s size and scope of works, and is detailed in a letter following the initial briefing meeting.  This service is also available as a commercial contract, but as with other commercial contracts is subject to a detailed quotation.


Soft Furnishings and Upholstery

Virginia Longman Interiors offers a full soft furnishing, upholstery and curtain-making service.


Furniture and Rug Design

Virginia Longman Interiors can design unique furniture and rug designs, as well as design bespoke joinery for kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, libraries, etc.


Acquisition of Art and Antiques

Virginia Longman Interiors can acquire art and antiques on behalf of the client.


Specialist Sub-Contractors

Virginia Longman Interiors can organise and co-ordinate specialist services including bespoke joinery and furniture-making, specialist paint finishes, polished plaster, specialist tiling, metalwork, glasswork, artist's murals, painted tiles, and bespoke fabric, wallpaper and rug design.


Personal Shopping

Virginia Longman Interiors offers a personal shopping service to accompany clients on visits to showrooms, art galleries, antiques dealers, and fairs. Fees are £500.00 for a half-day or £1,000.00 for a 7-hour day including lunch.



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